Sennheiser IE80s – Reviews & Giveaway


Sound quality: 9/10

Comfort/Fit: 7/10

Build quality: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Value: 9/10

Pros: Incredible soundstage, Bass, and separation

Cons: Comfort & fitting can be an issue

 Video review of the IE80

In the past few months of planning and talking to industry professionals in developing our own website we have finally done it. However, we couldn’t have done it without the support of our audience. As a thank you, along with this review, we will be giving away the Sennheiser ie80 this month. The winner will be announced on April 30th.

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I Personally own one of these IEMs and I tested them for few months with my Fiio x1 & Oppo ha 2 SE. Here are the results


Frequency response 10 – 20000 Hz

Impedance 16 Ohms

Sound Pressure Level 125 dB

THD < 0.1 %

Noise attenuation up to 26 dB

Cable / Plug 1.2 m symmetrical cable, 3.5 mm angled plug


Let us start with the bad part about this IEM because there isn’t much. Everything about this IEM is great but comfort can be an issue when using tips included with the IEMs. Alot of tips are included but they are all uncomfortable from my personal experience. My suggestion is to Use Comply foams or Spin fit. OR any other 3rd party tips you find comfortable

  • With the comply foams, you get more bass
  • With the Spin fit, you get more soundstage and airiness added to the sound

Another uncomfortable part about this IEM is that the cables that go around your ears tend to fling off forward. Although they include something to run your cables through to hold it behind your ears, they are cheaply made and may not fit everyone. There has been reports of people claiming that the wires become shaped and less rigid after using them for some time, however I did not find this to be true in most cases. Since the IE80s are detachable IEMs, my suggestion is to get a new 2 pin connector cable with an ear hook built into it. There are many possibilities in the market today.



Perhaps you would like to use these while studying at a library, now I don’t recommend that you carry this IEM to the gym or on the subway because of their price point but if you are fine with the risks of potentially loosing or breaking them, then isolation may suddenly become important to you.

Isolation becomes naturally better with a better fit. Although both spin fit and comply foams fit quite nicely, I found the isolation better with the comply foams.

At a reasonable or even slightly higher volume, there is no worry for sound leakage from what I have tested.


Now let us get into the good part and what most of you will read anyways. Sound is incredible. (period) that is the end of this review, now go buy them! OR read on to see if it meets your specific music taste? That’s always a good idea, right? What would you like to know… the IE80s have practically everything included in its package and screams PREMIUM when it comes to sound.

Sound stage, separation, imaging… its all there


Exceptionally great because you can adjust it. You put these things full tilt and you head may blow up. See the Frequency graph below, the extension possible with the IE80 seems more than necessary to some. Wait? Is this IE80 for bass heads? Answer is NO and YES. Whether you are a bass head or not, you can adjust it to your liking. The bass is tight & punchy but lacks that sub feeling you would get from the Shure 846 or the LZ A4. With all that being said, some people do not enjoy boomy sub base and these give much cleaner bass hits in great detail, enough to blow your mind away.


Sennheiser is known for the great mids in many headphones and they do not disappoint in these IE80s. Now, they are not MIDDDDD ranged like HD650s. I feel like an idiot comparing these to full sized headphones but the mid range can be that good on certain songs. This is because the lower mids are brought fourth a notch while the high mids are pushed back to be detailed and crisp, yet retaining warmth for longer listening sessions.


These are not Bright IEMs in anyway, if you look at the frequency graph, everything I say in this review falls into place. The IE80 rolls off where it needs to in the most precise manner so that it will not be giving you that sharp piercing effect but giving you all the necessary details needed.

IE80 graph

Measurement above was made by


They are built of aluminum shells with a single dynamic driver on each side. These will not fall apart on you; these are built like a tank. The weakest part about this IEM are the cables. I have no idea why you would do this but if I you had the choice of taking a High End High priced IEM on a hike or something, it would be these.


Always purchase it from an authorized dealer. In my opinion Amazon has some great deals and is the safest bet.



For the price point, this wowed me and in the realms of the dynamic drivers, even after long time has passed since these were released, they are still one of the best. When these go on sale on amazon, this might be the one of the best purchases you can possibly make. Price varies but I have seen these go down to 280 dollars on

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  1. Philip Shapiro says:

    Great review. Plenty of numbers for comparison, and clear & concise descriptions of all the necessary subjective stuff. Great start on your internet/You Tube presence! Best of luck!

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  2. dAtguY795 says:

    Hope your website takes off dude, everything look great here 🙂


  3. phill G yo says:

    I have no idea what most of your review means… But it looks sexy. and I’m sure It’ll sound sexy.


  4. Wyville says:

    Best of luck with the website!


  5. Sarah says:

    Beautiful website!! I am so excited to win these!!!!!


  6. Dojomoto says:

    Great review! I’m entered for the giveaway @ Head-Fi (Dojomoto). The Sennheiser IE80 sounds delicious to me 🙂


  7. Engin says:

    Already entered the giveaway via head-fi, but wanted to check the website as well. Great website on first look, will be following for upcoming IEM reviews. Hope to see some of the high-end custom IEMs as well.


  8. astvihhad jahid says:

    Great & detailed review!


  9. Sounds very exciting… Never had an audiophile earphone.. these would be best 🙂


  10. Hamza kuvawala says:

    Imma broke teenager with a love for music and an aspiring reviewer but never used or reviewed anything other than cheap chifi coz there really isnt much of an audiophile scene in India and if we do import we get screwed with the taxes and import duties. Would really love to use these soulsik. Thanks for giving these away tho, spreading a bit a joy to the world.


  11. Harry W says:

    great review, may consider purchasing a pair if I don’t win 😉


  12. Ryan Ray says:

    Recently considering purchasing one of them and found this review. Really wanna try how they sound and comapre with rha t20s.


  13. Bennie Ngo says:

    Really wanna get my hands on these IEMs so i can experience the magical sound quality (:


  14. Sorren Airhart says:

    For a website so new I’m surprised how well it is organized and developed. Props on quality reviews.


  15. Benjamin j stuart says:

    Love these


  16. waldensun says:

    I would love to get my hands on those


  17. Nanami Aoyama says:

    >headphones that loop around the ear
    Nice review though


  18. clancywalters9c says:

    Love these IEMs and the review was excellent, congratulations on growing your YouTube so quickly! I would love to get one of these 🙂


  19. Gao Yang says:

    After reading this post, it makes me want to try these IE80. Liked FB page and followed your instagram…fingers crossed that I get chance to try them!


  20. Mitchell Farnum says:

    Amazing review and very detailed, best of luck!


  21. Terry Anderson says:

    Great review. I would love to hear these for myself. Thanks.


  22. Jeffrey Calhoun says:

    Great giveaway, hope you’ll be sending them my way


  23. Alvin says:

    Nice post! I feel like you could have went more in depth though, maybe the songs you listened to, things that sound similar to it, imaging quality,etc. Keep going!


  24. Ugur says:

    these seem like very good earphones, The review forms an impression of what to expect from these.


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