LZ A4 – Every Preference in a single IEM

By: soulsik

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Comfort: 10/10

Build Quality: 10/10

Sound: 10/10

Isolation: 9.5/10

Disclaimer: some of the data/pictures presented in this review may have not been originally produced by soulsikreviews

Introduction & Unboxing

These IEMs are from china by LZ audio

I waited for these the longest time because the delivery was lost by the first seller from aliexpress.com. I ended up getting my money back after 2 months of struggle but I will provide you with the link of the seller I ended up buying from in the end. Buy from this seller period, shipped it in 5 days and I am in Canada. My god… their package surprised me… it was the safest packaging I’ve ever witnessed, with boxes inside boxes / foams on foams.

The wait was well worth it. When I opened the package, and looked inside the box, the representation itself was enough to make me smile. The LZ A4 came with so many tips that it almost looked like it was impossible to not find the perfect fit. However, after trying all of them, I still found my spin fit to be perfect for my fit and comfort. The spin fit compatible with the LZ A4 is the CP -100.

I was a little bit worried because I have heard of fitting issues from other individuals. I heard some ridiculous stuff from “you cannot wear these like you would wear IEMs, you have to wear them like earbuds” to “the shape is awkward and falls off.” Let me tell you straight off the bat that this is not the case. Even if shape of ears may differ… the fact that these can be worn either way cannot be denied. Also, if you get the right fit, these become the most comfortable IEMs, I would not call these awkward. These also look stylish in my opinion.

Why Are these Special? The story of filters

Now, the reason everyone wants to get their hands on these is because of the filter system. There are two filters that screw onto the IEM, the front nozzle and the back-rear filter. What these essentially do is change the frequency range of the IEMs as the below chart suggest with each combo.

Would you like more bass? Would you like crisper high ends? Would you be listening to male vocal or female vocal, today? How would you like your music served today?

With the simple function of changing the filters, you can EQ these just the way you like it. I know a friend who EQs for just 1 song because he loves it that way. We will get into how each of these filters serve their function later.

ea4e8fdc_c4b8f7a7_A4filters (1)

Build Quality & Accessories

Included Accessories:

  • 7 pairs of single-flange silicone tips
  • 1 pair of double-flange silicone tips
  • 3 rear filters and 5 nozzle filters in metal tin
  • Detachable cable
  • Zippered carrying case

Cables: I was impressed by the quality of the stock cables. They were light and wrapped around my ears very nicely and securely. Even without the ear hooks, these do not fling off at all. These are mmcx connectors and connect/disconnect to the IEM without much effort. The cables terminate in the most ideal 45-degree 3.5mm termination. Why is 45 degree the most ideal? It is because it levitates tension most efficiently and prevents kinks. The cable also in tangle free.

Tips: the tips included are presented in the most professional and beautiful way. There are several silicon tips along with more different type of tips inside the box. However, I did find 3rd part tips to be more comfortable. Notably the spin fit cp100

Carrying case: While I am not a fan of Chinese letters on my cases, the case is a very nice hard case with pouches for extra tips or accessories. In my case, I put them in my pelican case because they deserved it.

The LZ A4 IEM themselves are enclosed in a hard metal shell. They are very sturdy and rotates 365 degrees around the mmcx connection. They are also of reasonable weight but not heavy. They hang on to the ears even when not listening without fulling off. This is very rare but I have no problem with the build quality in any way for the money


I would normally include this along with build but this needed some praise by itself. The LZ A4 is one of the IEMs that I put into my ears and did not need to pull them out in relief after a long listening session. Pulling them out and putting them back on after talking to your study partner beside you is not a problem, you can get a perfect fit with these within seconds. Also, when I tested these while working out, I did not experience them coming off or the wires flinging out of position.  Also, like I said above, if you are not listening to them, you can simply hand them on your ears without worrying too much of them falling off. These won my heart at the comfort level among many things. Well done LZ.


I believed this to be the negative, the instant I saw the LZ A4. I mean look at the rear filter that looks like an open back configuration. Don’t judge its book by its cover, lesson well learnt. These do a pretty good job of sound isolation. You do not need to worry in terms of sound leaking into your ears from the outside world while listening to your music. However sound will leak out a bit but not to the extent of an open back or a semi open back headphone or IEMs.



Driver unit: 1 dynamic + 2 Knowles balanced armature

Impedance: 16 ohm

Headphone sensitivity: 120 dB

Frequency range: 20 Hz – 28 kHz

Connector: ⅛ in (3.5 mm)

Cable: MMCX detachable, 4 ft (1.2 m +/- 5 cm)

Weight: 1.1 oz (30 g)

Driving the LZ A4

These are 16 ohms, which means even my phone can drive them. I used few devices to test these. I used fiio x1, oppo ha 2 se, and my Samsung s7 phones. All of them drove these fine with the oppo ha 2 se being overkill in terms of power. (1 or 2 tilt was enough to blast some music out of these). These sound great out of all devices, even a simple phone, however as always can improve with a DAC.



I could not believe how these sounded out of the box and then dropped my jaw when they were broken in a bit because of how full they sounded. Here is the story. Enjoy.

Lower Frequencies: The bass extension in these IEMs are the best I have heard. The sub bass is very present with certain filters and overwhelming in some. It really considers all the preferences individuals have out there. I was talking to Adrian Low from Audio Excellence the other day about how the younger generations tend to look for bass & more bass. Whether we deny it or not, the current generation enjoys a lot of hip pop genres. The question is “is our generation listening and seeking for the correct sound of bass?” what do I mean by correct bass? I mean clean solid bass that sounds and thumps the way it’s supposed to instead of veiling out all the other frequencies with the dirtiest rumbles and distortions. At this price point, I hope there is no excuse for the generation to listen to overpriced bad headphones instead. With this being said, even for audiophiles, the bass in these are exceptional and matches up to many of the higher tier IEMs out there.

Mid Frequencies: Now I own the AKG 550 and they are mid ranged headphones, these are as detailed as an IEM gets at this price point. The high midrange really benefits from the airiness. They are moderately deficient in body and warmth, due to progressive attenuation of frequencies below about 150Hz. Definition or resolution is also exceptional, I’ve heard things with this IEM that I’ve not heard with my HD650s.

High Frequencies: The highs are exceptionally good as it shows no signs of being sibilant in my ears and most of the people will agree with me that this is important. Not many people like sibilant sounds that pierce your ears. I’ve heard these for extended period while studying, on my desk, working, in the gym and walking in circles with my eyes closed. At any point in time, there was not even the slightest urge to take these out of my ears because they were sibilant. That does not mean details are not there, the details are phenomenal and lush in this frequency range.

Separation: separation in these IEMs are exceptional, perhaps due to the hybrid configuration. Especially when paired with high end DACS such as the oppo ha 2 se used in this review, the separation becomes much more evident and clear.

Soundstage: My god… the soundstage in these blew me away. Thinking for a minute, I always use JBL LSR305 speakers or my HD650s for reference and enjoyment on my desk AND these little IEMs blew me away with soundstage? Yes, they did my friends. You will not know how wide they sound… yet so detailed? Until you try them on. Now with that being said, the filters that give you a wider range of frequencies do make things feel much more further away and feels like losing some details.

With that being said we must talk about the filters now.


At closer look, the filters seem to contain the same number and size of holes but different amount of dampening material in them.


Rear filters

The Red, black, no filter seemed similar with subtle differences. The blue filter however seemed to have quite a bit of difference, especially in the lower frequencies.

Front filters

Front filters with black rear


Front filters with blue rear


These graphs are meant for reference only. The only real way for you to find out if go through the combos and figure out which one sounds best to you, that is all.

Where to buy?

Now if you are in Canada like me, you have trouble buying these because they are not available on amazon or overpriced. If you are living in other countries or even in the US, same thing can occur. I will help you. Buy from this seller on aliexpress and talk to them before purchasing, let them know you were referred by soulsikreviews, they will give you the best discount possible with great packing and fast shipping.

buy here

Final Thoughts

I really love these IEMs and hope to see more like this in the future. This type of IEM is something that I can introduce to anyone because it is highly likely that one of the filters will suite their needs and preferences. At this price point and flexibility, everyone should have one of these. There is no excuse anymore, everyone should be experiencing high fidelity.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, those are awesome. I always thought Sennheiser was the best brand but sometimes it is good to look elsewhere.


  2. MetalGeek says:

    Just ordered my set from your Aliexpress link. They took care of me on the price. 🙂 thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mikel says:

    Great review! I own a set of these myself and love them. They beat the sound quality of $500 earphones. I’ve a question, do you know what the stock cable is made of: copper, silver, or something else? I ask because it broke after over a year (understandably) and need to get a new cable, and am trying to gauge how to get a similar sounding cable. Thanks


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