Sennheiser HD6xx/HD650 – What you should expect from a great headphone

Build Quality: 8/10

Sound Quality: 10/10

Value: 10/10

Comfort: 10/10


watch the video review here !

buy your HD650 here !

This headphone is well known by many people. With that being said, it is not a “new” model, its been released for a while. It has also been dropped on massdrop as the sennheiser HD6xx, once again returning our attention to the greatness of this headphone. There is also this big question whether they will drop the HD6xx again or not with over 50,000 people requesting it !


– frequency response of 10 – 39,500 Hz (-10 dB)

– High-power neodymium magnets

– Lightweight aluminum voice coils

– 300 ohms

– SPL: 103db

– THD: less than 0.05%

– Open back


The headphone is not the stylish headphone but remember these are open back and are intended for home use. It comes in one single silver color although the limited massdrop edition (HD6xx) comes in a midnight blue finish

Build Quality

Mostly plastic and the wires can feel cheap but everything works well and most of all comfortable

  • velour pads
  • comfortable padded headband
  • reasonable clamping force

Sound Quality

Now this is where we talk about the most important thing in a headphone. The sound quality in these headphones are superb. Scratch what you’ve read from other people because we all have difficulties describing this headphone especially when it comes to the sound qualities. It is the best neutral with extended bass YET still not boring…

Low frequencies: the bass is a very tasteful and detailed bass. its not the headphone you’d take off because your getting headaches from all the bass. Paired up with a good amp/dac that has bass boost OR a tube amp, these perform incredibly well in the low ends

Mid frequencies: these are very warm sounding mid forward headphones. You will be immersed in many details that you’ve never heard before.

High frequencies: this is where it gets interesting! the highs are rolled off for the pleasure of the listener (so that there is absolutely no unpleasant sibilance to be found) but the details are all there without a doubt !

These sound full with wide sound stage and great separation !

Overall is it worth the money?

Absolutely, if you can buy one headphone and you are buying something other than this, you are doing it wrong !


yes I highly recommend you use one with these. some recommendations are some schiit products or O2/ODAC

NOW keep in mind these are “some” and there are countless more others recommendations depending on preferences

I personally use the DARKVOICE 336SE tube amp with my OPPO HA 2 SE as the dac

6 Comments Add yours

  1. I love open back headphones
    count this as my double entry to your giveaway. I need a pair of earbuds, come on lucky 7


  2. Tom Schroeder says:

    My Senn HD6XX’s are superb. It’s as if one has to own a pair and use them regularly to understand why they are so highly rated. I drive them with a Schiit Jotunheim AMP with DAC module connected with ZY balanced headphone cable. To sound best, the headphones need a good amount of preamp power as they are 300 ohm. For portable use, I use a Cayin C5 DAC/AMP, which has enough power to drive the headphones without distortion. Yes, they are great headphones. Enough so that I am inclined to use them for critical listening all the time. I also have a pair of Grado SR80e headphones for listening directly to an iPhone or iPod, and by comparison, those don’t have the full range and are more sibilant.


  3. Mirco Hinz says:

    These are my pair of Headphones im looking forward the most. 🙂


  4. Bill says:

    My HD 6XXs are pretty great. I’ve been thinking about getting a dark voice.


  5. Patrick Ryan says:

    I had a friend that had 650s with a bottlehead crack amp. After hearing those, the HD6xx were announced on MD… I cant wait to have a disposable income.


  6. Ronny Wan says:

    So sad I missed the MD for the HD 6xx.


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