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We reviewed the VE Monk Plus recently and fell in love with it. The main reason being that it was only $5, yet it performed way above its price point. This got us wondering what their higher end earbuds were capable of. I am sure many of you have wondered the same thing. So here we have it, one of their higher end earbuds, the Asura 2.0s. Asura 2.0 is priced at 78 USD and takes its place right in the middle of their lineup.


The Asura 2.0 was sent me by Venture Electronics for a review. As usual, my reviews will contain no bias in any way.

ABOUT Venture Electronics

This company does something that no other company has ever done and that is to admit that perfection may not be feasible. This is true in many cases but not many companies come out and say it. This company is honest from the root. They also carry the same mindset as us AUDIO-MANIACS “We will never stop striving for perfection.” They do 3 things to strive for perfection:

1.   They want to break the notion of EXPENSIVE = BETTER SOUND. They strive to make great sounding products for best value possible

2.   Creating products that are inexpensive but does not sacrifice build or sound quality

3.   Creating positive and honest relationship with their costumers and fans by creating products that they themselves would be proud to use

With that being said, VE’s presence in the HI-end audio does not fall behind. VE is the first to introduce hi-end earbuds, which is priced for 358usd with premium cardas cable and the first in the world to introduce true balanced portable amp with full spec desktop connector. which is the ra2.0b.

Does this sound like a great company to you? I am normally not impressed with company descriptions but I was inspired by how they kept it so REAL, HONEST, and most importantly shared their PLANS & how they will achieve it with us.


Style: Earbuds

Communication:   Wired

Connectors : 3.5mm

Driver: Dynamic

Sensitivity: 110dB(1mW)

Frequency Response Range: 16-23000Hz

Line Length:1.2m

Resistance: 150Ω




The build quality is just a typical earbud. Like the VE Monk Plus, it had the same shells and the cables are plastic/rubber material.



Again, these are earbuds and they leak sound. These should be used at home or a quiet area.



This is where it gets interesting

Low Frequency: These have less bass than the VE Monk Plus, and VE Monk Plus themselves do not have much bass either. Not that they don’t have bass, they just have enough to tell you “hey dude, there is bass in this music.” This may be a turn off for some people but wait until I get to the mid and highs.

Mid Frequency: The strings and vocals are so well represented that you just open your mouth and start drooling. It is one of the cleanest Mids I have ever heard, and that including the $500 CDN IEMS I reviewed recently. Asura 2.0 slapped me right across the face, “hey soulsik, you thought the ER4XR was crystal clear, well have some of this.”

High Frequency: The highs are not sibilant, even the common vocal sibilance is nowhere to be found, and the details are all there with the harmonic and crystal clearness added into them. I felt like morphine was injected into my veins when I heard music with defined trebles on the Asura 2.0.

Sound Stage: for an earbud, I was amazed how they hard wider sound stage than some of the headphones out there that costed much more.

DRIVING & Final Thoughts

You get the asura 2.0 for the mids and highs. These are 150 ohms so you still need to drive it with an amp or a dac for the fullest potential, but you can still use these with phones or daps because of its sensitivity (although it may sound thin). Overall, I thought this earbud to destroy many of the headphones out there in many areas.

With the Darkvoice 336se: yes, they can be used with the darkvoice 336se, since they are high impedance earbuds. The sound stage increases and overall fullness becomes heavenly.

With the Oppo ha 2 se: with an exceptional dac/amp such as this one, imaging, clarity, and fullness cannot be simply measured or put into simple words

With a simple DAP (Fiiox1) or Phone (S7): Although the music becomes lough enough, it sounds much less FULL and rather seems thin sounding.

Essentially, if you took the VE Monk Plus and took away the bass and gave steroids to the mids and highs, you end up with the Asura 2.0.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Giorgi says:

    I think they should stop making ear-buds, cause you can never get enough bass or isolation with them, while in-ear monitors can give you exactly what you want from headphones, so I would rather focus on these.


  2. Iron Jason Hahn says:

    Really detailed post, appreciate the work!

    With 78 bucks it actually sounds like a pretty solid, portable option to go with.


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