Fiio Olympus 2 e10k: A Great Start



  • Input: Micro USB
  • Output: 3.5mm stereo jack, coaxial output, line output
  • Gain: 1.6 dB, 8.6 dB
    Drive Range: 16 ~ 150Ω
    Impedance: < 1.04 Ω
  • Output Power: 200 mW
  • Response Range: 20-20000Hz
    Weight: 78g
  • Dimensions: 49.1 mm × 80 mm × 21 mm


The Fiio e10k is an entry level DAC. This is meant to be a start so if you already have a DAC and are considering buying the e10k, there’s probably not much point. That being said, it is an excellent entry level product and might be all you ever need. Whether it’s for music, gaming, movies, or anything else audio related, this will help augment that experience tor and take it to the next level.   

Build Quality 

The build is about what you’d expect from the price. It doesn’t really feel premium but it definitely doesn’t feel cheap either. It’s made entirely of aluminum with a nice looking brushed texture on top. The switches and and volume wheel feel good to use and the volume wheel provides nice tactile feedback when turning the device on. While some people have complained about the quality of the output jacks, I’ve personally had no issue with mine and think they’re fine.   


A really great feature about the e10k is it’s design and form factor. It’s very small and USB powered meaning you can fit it into any setup anywhere. Although it isn’t portable in the sense you can use it with your phone or DAP, it’s a great for computer audio on the go. I usually take mine with me for long studying session at the library. One problem some people may have switching over to a DAC however is that it doesn’t allow you to use an inline mic. It works and an output device only.


Using a Fiio e10k has 2 main benefits over using your onboard sound. There’s little to no background static noise and the sound quality is improved.

Using onboard sound often leads to a lot of unpleasant static ontop or what you’re listening to, this is pretty much unavoidable and is caused by the static electricity produced by all the other electronics within the device. By using a DAC you’re moving the audio processing away from all the rest of the computer and eliminating the static.

Next, the sound quality is just better than your onboard audio. Granted you have good enough headphones or earphone or whatever you use, it’ll all sound better through the DAC. The best way to describe it without going into a bunch of detail is that it sounds more refined. Imagine your onboard audio as some normal cotton cloth, then the e10k’s audio is a nice silk cloth. Sounds are smoother and more pleasurable. Highs are clear and flow like honey and bass is clearly separated and detailed. Music sounds warmer, more natural and more enveloping.

The e10k features a bass boost feature which has been switched on for me ever since I got it pretty much. With the bass boost off, the e10k can sounds a bit bland and uninspired, but with it on it’s pushes up the bass to just the right amount for me.

The e10k isn’t very powerful however, if you’ve never had a DAC then it will easily power anything you currently have and use, but if you intend on getting a larger more power hungry pair of headphones like the H650s the e10k won’t cut it.


I couldn’t recommend the fiio e10k enough! You’re getting an amazing product for the price that’ll last a long time. Now that I’ve had mine for over 3 years, I couldn’t imagine going back to onboard audio.

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