Advanced m4 – best under $40



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If you are someone that is on a strict budget but wants to experience high fidelity on the go, what I am about to reveal to you is a product made just for this purpose. It may not have the most detail or emphasis in the lows, mids or highs. It will not sound mind blowing or anything special but what is amazing is that, you can listen to your music without much coloration added. Without compromise….


The M4 was sent to me by ADVANCED for review purposes. As usual my review will contain no bias.


Whoever wrote this obviously a poet or something because I almost cried. Mainly because it fell under what I am trying to bring to my viewers a lot more. They present themselves as such:

It was for the love of music.  It was the respect for all musicians of the past, present and future. It was for the struggling instrumental buried under the heavy bass line. It was for the audiophiles craving that crystal clear and mind-blowing detail.   We wanted to bring the ultimate aural experience in a package that is simply affordable for everyone – because we believe that everyone deserves good sound.

Our quest for the ultimate sound has just begun.  We’re working relentlessly with world’s renowned audio engineers that have brought some of the best sound to the market as well as local and global musicians in different genres ranging from hard rock, hip-hop, EDM to jazz for that advanced sound.

We are fully focused in packaging and delivering this superior audio in the most durable and the most comfortable chassis.


Divers: Titanium coated 8.5mm dynamic drivers

Driver Unit          Custom-tuned Single Dynamic Drivers

Impedance         16 Ohm+/-15%

Sensitivity           92dB+/-3dB at 1kHz

Frequency Response      20Hz – 20kHz

Rated Power Input          1mW

Max. Input Power            5mW

Cord length        1.36M

Plug       3.5mm Gold Plated


This is where this IEM really shines. If the sound will not blow your mind for $40 then build quality certainly will. Let us look at the accessories first.


1 pair of Comply Foam tips (TX-400 medium)

3 pairs of black dual-flange tips (s/m/l)

3 pairs of black silicone tips (s/m/l)

3 pairs of white silicone tips (s/m/l)

1 premium carrying pouch

1 cord shirt clip

you can see that they added the comply foams, which is a third-party foam that an individual has get after purchasing an IEM with shitty tips. Even the Noble x came with shitty tips and we had to do some tip rolling. Thank you for adding in the comply foams that work on most peoples’ ears out of the box.

Now, the cable is something you would see in a more expensive pair of IEMs. It is fully braided and THICK. It screams quality and I really hoped that it can be detached because I wanted to use it for other IEMs but…. It is not detachable. Anyhow, the cable is fantastic quality for the price.

The housing itself it soft and almost feels like metal or aluminum. Not 100% sure but it is almost hard to tell because it is too soft for a metal and it is too robust for it to be plastic. Whatever the case may be, it is going to last you sometime.


This IEM would be something I would recommend my university friends that are not audiophiles because of its cheap price point and what you get for it. With the comply foams, there was much more isolation, however even with the normal tips included, the sound isolation was enough to be used in quiet places like the library and loud places like the gym. And of course, the design is very minimalistic.


Rather on the neutral side of things with I bit of boost in the vocal presence area. There is not much to talk about in terms of sound. The bass is there and so it the mids and highs but none of them is overly emphasized in audible terms.

Final Thoughts

Fantastic for the price. I could have not asked for more in this price range. Perhaps one of the best bang for the buck IEMs out there.

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