Shure SE215: Jack of all trades but master of none



  • Cable: 1.6 meter 3.5mm right angled
  • Resistance: 17 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB
  • Response Range: 22-17,500 Hz
  • Weight: Approximately 30 grams


The Shure SE215 is pretty much a classic at this point, it’s the king of budget IEMs, and rightfully so. These IEMs have everything you need, good sounds, good build, good comfort, and good price; all good all over.

Design and Build Quality

The build is pretty cheap and basic looking, but I assure you they’re built like a tank, the plastic is incredibly strong and very resilient. I’ve put mine through all sorts of use and abuse and they still going strong. They’ve been dropped, thrown around, left at the bottom of my bag, stuffed in my pockets for over a year, and other than the decals rubbing off they’re in perfect working condition. The wire that comes with them is also super sturdy. With plenty of tension relief, and the whole cable is a very hard rubber. It might be too stiff feeling for some but it lasts. I had mine more than a year before having to get a replacement.

IEM – 8/10

Cable – 8/10


For those who have never worn an IEM before the over ear design probably look really weird and uncomfortable. And at first first they are weird and uncomfortable, but once you guy get used to them you can wear these for hours on end. They sit really well in your ear and the over ear design keeps them secure for when you’re moving around. After using these for over a year I really have no complaints. If you can get over the first week with these, you’ll love them. They also come with a variety of rubber and foam tips, in which I was able to find a size which fit my ears well in both.  


Sound Isolation

Sound isolation is great on these as to be expected from an IEM. I take these on the bus, to the mall, school, pretty much everywhere, and they’re usable pretty much everywhere. Some quieter tracks might be a bit tricky on the bus but anything will struggle to isolate all the sounds on a bus. In a reasonable environment these will do the job. 


Sound Quality

The SE215s are a bass heavy IEM, they have strong bass and mids and fairly recessed highs. I’ll go into more detail on these separately. The sound stage doesn’t have much depth but the imaging is quite nice. The overall sound is fairly accurate and neutral with a dip in the highs, they’re definitely not very warm or fun IEMs. There isn’t too much to say the sound really, it’s just alright all around. Considering the price of these I don’t any real complaints and they sound great. 

Highs – (6/10) – Highs sound alright but lack extension and some detail. They’re not bad but they’re definitely the least impressive of the highs, mids and bass. I found certain cymbals and claps in the percussion to be a bit annoying and ear piercing however this was a fairly minor issue only present with a few songs.

Mids – (6.5/10) – Not much to say about the mids, they never stood out to me in either a good or bad way. Very ordinary, they have some okay detail. They just do their job.

Bass – (7/10) – Bass is clean and never gets muddy even at lower frequencies. Although they lack some punchiness they’re still definitely a strong point of these IEMs. The sub-bass while present, isn’t powerful or ear shaking, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just a matter of preference.


The SE215 is just a great all arounder, nothing in them is amazing but nothing is bad. These around a great a value IEM and if you’re one of those people who buy a new earphone every 2 month because the cable keeps breaking these are a worthwhile investment. You pay $100 once, buy replacement cables for less than $10 on aliexpress, and have far superior sound quality at would end up being the same price after a year, with only savings after that. I’m extremely happy with my pair and think anyone considering buying these should just do it. Overall I give these a 9/10 with the only issue for the price I really have is the look.



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