Thinksound On 2 – Wooden Delight

Video review here Join the patreon for sound demos buy it here INTRODUCTION Wooden headphones are not only nice looking but they theoretically improve acoustic performance. Therefore, wooden headphones have always been so popular. However, the ones you will find are usually expensive or cheap with a lot of problems. Problems that arise with wooden…


Video review here Sound demo here Join the Patreon here Buy it here INTRODUCTION  Spending $2000 CDN on anything may be acceptable, but the instant you tell anyone that you spent that money on a pair of headphones, the only individual that will give you a nod with approval will be those that “UNDERSTANDS.” I…

Meze 99 Neo – All in one solution

Buy it here Video review here Sound Demo Here INTRODUCTION I have always been a fan of headphones with unique sound signature. A lot of you will agree with me on this, but sennheiser has been many’s favorite. I am afraid that changes today as I tried the 99 neo from a company called Meze….

Hifiman He400i Planar Magnetic Headphones

What the video review here ! Buy it here if you are in Toronto ! buy it here ! INTRODUCTION Headphones are made of different types of drivers. Normally, it is made of dynamic drivers. If you pick up a random headphone from your nearby Best Buy, it’s probably going to be a dynamic driver…

AKG 550 – Permanent headphones

Build quality: 7/10 Sound Quality: 8/10 Comfort: 10/10 Value: 10/10 Watch the video review here buy it here This one is going to be brief because there is not much to say, these are pretty great INTRODUCTION few months back my friend tried these headphones. Few days ago she wanted to buy it from me….