The Team


About soulsik:

Intro: What got me to start all of this madness was madness itself. By that I mean, people who purchase things because of a “trend or brand name,” without doing any kind of real research. I am here to tell you if a product is worth your hard earned money. I’ve had the opportunity to review products side by side and therefore can tell which product is (for the lack of better words) “better.”

My review style: I write but I like video reviews. I try to get to the point because nobody likes to hear me babbling on but sometimes its hard to express things in words, I will do my best but you gotta start doing your best to read my reactions

Interesting facts: I like to make my own music, especially rap. I am very enthusiastic about reviewing products and finding things to improve about them.

Last words: Believe in what you hear and cut out the rest of the world



Mohit                              Software Solutions

About Mohit:

Software Solution manager. Friend. Student. Co-President. Vice-President. There are many different ways for me to introduce myself but I suppose the most important one for you is “Audio Enthusiast”.

I currently own and use AKG’s C50 Bt and am of the opinion that Bt technology instantly makes any pair of headphones 100% better. (A joke, I promise). I look forward to trying and reviewing headphones. I will strive to be as honest and in-depth as possible!